Weapons of Agent 47: Hitman 3 Arsenal Details


Weapons of Agent 47: Hitman 3 Arsenal Details

The Hitman series has become a favorite among players with its exciting gaming experiences and detailed scenarios. Hitman 3, the latest game in the series, has attracted great attention since the day it met with game enthusiasts. Agent 47, one of the most important characters of the game, uses various weapons while performing his duties. In this article, we will take a detailed look at Agent 47’s weapons in Hitman 3.

1. Pistols

  • Sieger 300 Advanced Sniper: An ideal choice to meet Agent 47’s sniping needs. Thanks to its high sensitivity and impressive range, it can easily neutralize targets from afar.
  • Crossbow: A great choice for stealth-minded players. It is the perfect weapon to eliminate enemies silently.
  • Bartoli 75R: This compact pistol is ideal for Agent 47 who prefers to operate stealthily. It helps you eliminate enemies silently.

2. Rifles

  • ICA 19: This rifle can help you when you need to encounter security forces. Its high damage ability and high ammunition carrying capacity provide a great advantage in the game.
  • DS3: Another rifle that Agent 47 uses to neutralize his enemies. DS3, an automatic rifle, attracts attention with its rapid fire ability.

3. Grenades

  • Proximity Explosive Duck: This interesting weapon can be used to damage your enemies. When placed silently near your enemies, it explodes, neutralizing surrounding enemies.
  • ICA Remote Explosive: It is a bomb that can be controlled remotely when placed. When used strategically, you can quickly neutralize your targets.

4. Sniper Rifles

  • Snaizhen Long Range Rifle: It is an ideal choice when you want to neutralize your targets from afar. Its high sensitivity and strong hitting power increase your chances of success.
  • Druzhina 34: This rifle is a reliable weapon used to neutralize your enemies. Having the ability to deal high damage gives Agent 47 a great advantage.

5. Melee Weapons

  • Secker Druzhina 34 Druzhina 34: This sniper rifle can help you when you encounter dangerous situations. It can be extremely effective in your close combat work.
  • ICA Stun Gun: It is a weapon you can use to neutralize the enemies around you. You can knock out your enemies for a while by giving them an electric shock.

6. Special Weapons

  • ICA19 Black Lilly: This special pistol gives Agent 47 a huge advantage in challenging missions in the Hitman 3 game. It is noteworthy that it has high damage ability and a range like sniper rifles.
  • ICA Remote Taser: This rifle allows you to incapacitate your enemies by electrocuting them. It is a useful weapon to increase your stealth in challenging missions.

We can see that the weapons that Agent 47 can use in Hitman 3 have different features. You can enhance your gaming experience by choosing the weapon you want from various options such as pistols, rifles, grenades, sniper rifles, melee weapons and special weapons. Features such as high damage ability, high sensitivity or silent operation can provide great advantages to Agent 47. Which weapons you use can determine how successfully you can complete your missions. Hitman 3 offers an exciting gaming experience with its weapon options and invites players to an immersive adventure with its gameplay based on stealth and strategy.

Weapons of Agent 47: Hitman 3 Arsenal Details


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