Quests and Challenges You May Encounter in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


Quests and Challenges You May Encounter in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an action-adventure video game developed by EA DICE and released in 2016. In the game, you have to control Faith Connors, a member of the profession called “Runner”, and use your parkour skills in a city full of dangers. In this article, we will go into detail about the missions you can encounter in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and their difficulties.


1. Main Story Missions: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is largely based on the main story missions. These missions are about Faith’s fight against the dark forces and authorities in the city. You will encounter various challenges throughout the main story and you will need to use your parkour skills to overcome obstacles.

2. Side Quests: In addition to the main story, players are offered various side quests in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. These tasks include activities such as escape races, destroying political propaganda posters, and collecting secret data. Completing side quests is a great opportunity to explore the game world and improve Faith’s abilities.


1. High Jump: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers a challenge in itself, as it is a game that requires climbing to the top of tall buildings and jumping from great heights. You need timing and precise controls to jump high and land accurately. For players with a fear of heights, this challenge can be even greater.

2. Challenging Parkour Routes: There are many different parkour routes for Faith to progress. Some of these routes are quite difficult and finding the right combination can take time. It is necessary to have advanced parkour skills and move quickly and fluently to escape from enemies.

3. Enemies and Safety Measures: In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Faith must evade enemies and overcome obstacles. The game has many challenges that require fighting enemies as well as bypassing security measures in the city. Strategy and agility are required to hide and escape from enemies.

4. Time Limits: In some missions, you have to reach the goal within a certain time. These time limits create more tension in the game and require you to make quick decisions. The ability to manage time well is important for players to be successful.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers an exciting gaming experience that lets you test your parkour skills. Main story missions and side missions present players with a variety of challenges and obstacles. Dealing with challenges like high jumps, challenging parkour routes, enemies and security measures, and time limits require skill and strategy to progress through the game. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the perfect choice for players who want to experience an adrenaline-pumping and action-packed adventure.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an action-adventure game where you undertake dangerous missions using your running and parkour skills. In this game, you need to maximize your running, jumping and fighting skills to neutralize the enemies you encounter. For players who love running, some challenge missions that bring tension to the highest levels will make you hold your breath as you progress through adrenaline-filled tracks.

Enemy Obstacles on the Tracks

The enemies you encounter in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will do their best to hinder you on your tracks. You need to use your reflexes to successfully complete your mission by overcoming these enemy obstacles. The game’s parkour system offers you a variety of moves and combos. You need to use these combos at the right time to move quickly and smoothly, dodging or attacking enemies. As you progress through the tracks, you engage in an exciting struggle by dodging or defeating the enemies shooting towards you.

Improve Your Fighting Skills

Fighting the enemy may not be possible just by running. You may need to be in direct contact with enemies from time to time in the game. At this point, it is important to improve your fighting skills and use various fighting combos. When enemies attack you, you can neutralize them by attacking with the right timing. There are many different fighting moves in the game, and using these moves is a great advantage while progressing through the tracks. Since you move quickly, it becomes easier to surprise your enemies and block their attacks.

Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Level Description Easy In this level, the enemies are fewer and less powerful. It is easier to complete tasks successfully. Medium In this level, the enemies are of medium number and strength. More skills are required to complete the missions successfully. Difficult: In this level, the enemies are more numerous and stronger. A high level of skill and strategy is required to complete the missions successfully.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers even more tension by adapting difficulty levels to players. You can get used to the game by starting at the easy level and increase the difficulty level over time by improving your skills.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst features combat missions that maximize tension using your running and fighting skills. It is important to use the right combos to avoid enemy obstacles and progress quickly and fluently on the tracks. Additionally, in situations where you are in contact with enemies, you can neutralize them by making the best use of your fighting skills. Difficulty levels allow players to adjust the game according to their own experience level. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gets your adrenaline pumping with combat missions that offer an exciting experience.

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an exciting parkour-based action game. Alongside the action- and adventure-packed main story, there are a number of side quests and challenges that can be explored outside of the game. These extra contents allow you to enjoy the game and test your skills. Here are some of the missions and challenges that can be explored in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst:

Time Races

Time races are exciting missions that require you to reach a certain point in the game world within a certain time. You need to combine tactics and speed while racing against time using your track skills. These missions focus on the core dynamics of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and help players improve their parkour skills.

Targeted Missions

Targeted missions are challenging missions where you have to accomplish specific objectives. For example, someone may be following you and you need to escape from them, or you may need to deliver a certain object to the destination. These missions require players to develop strategies and use their available skills correctly. Targeted missions can be found in different areas of the game world and have varying difficulties.

Discovering Hidden Spots

There are many hidden spots to discover in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. These points provide players with extra content and rewards. Apart from the main story, you can explore different areas and come across secret spots as you travel around the game world. These spots can be challenging areas that players can access by carefully using their parkour skills. Items found in hidden spots can help players improve their skill abilities or provide extra benefits.

Battle Arena

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers a series of arenas where you can test your combat skills. In these arenas, you encounter and fight with different enemies. You can test your skills in a competitive environment in arenas and compete with other players to climb the leaderboards. The challenge arena further highlights the action-packed side of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and allows players to reach the limits.

Additional Features

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers a variety of additional features as well as side quests and challenges in the game world. These include secret access points, challenges and collection quests that you can encounter in the game world. These additional features further connect players to the game world and encourage them to explore more content.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers a rich experience not only with its main story but also with its side missions and extra content. Time races, targeted missions, secret points, combat arena and additional features give players the opportunity to have different experiences in the game world. These missions and challenges, which can be done outside of the game, increase the replayability of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and help players improve their skill sets.

Stealth and Theft Missions: Reach the Target Silently and Steal Items


Stealth and theft missions are an essential part of many action games. These types of missions offer players the opportunity to silently achieve their goals and steal various items. In this article, we will cover the details and challenges of stealth and theft missions you may encounter in a game like Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

  • Mission 1: Reaching the Destination Silently
    • Minimizing Sounds
    • Jumping and Climbing Obstacles
    • Using Invisibility Abilities
  • Mission 2: Stealing Items
    • Locating Target Items
    • Dealing with Tough Protection Systems
    • Be Careful Not to Get Caught While Taking Items

Mission 1: Reaching the Destination Silently

In this type of missions, you have to reach the target secretly. By keeping sounds to a minimum, you must proceed undetected by guards and security systems.

The first challenge is to minimize sounds. It is important to proceed carefully, without making any noise. You should adjust your footsteps according to the ground you step on. You should remember that floors such as asphalt, wood and metal make different sounds.

Another important point is their ability to jump and climb obstacles. In action games, your character usually has an athletic build and you can use these abilities to climb walls, jump from roofs and easily overcome obstacles. However, you should be careful and avoid unnecessary movements. You should choose the most suitable route by observing and carry out each step in a controlled manner.

Invisibility abilities are also very important in such missions. In some games, your character may have camouflage abilities. Using these abilities, you can reach your goal without neutralizing enemies or being noticed. You can gain the advantage of becoming invisible by using the environment around you.

Mission 2: Stealing Items

In such missions, you have to find the target’s location and bypass security measures to steal the target items. These tasks often take place in facilities filled with guards and security systems.

The first step is to locate the target items. In action games this is often shown to you by marking it on the map. You should carefully study the map and determine a suitable entry point. You should have the best information about the destination’s location and route.

The second challenge is dealing with challenging protection systems. Systems such as locked doors, security cameras, motion sensors and laser barriers can stop you. In this case, careful planning and strategy is required. You must be prepared against high-tech attack mechanisms and proceed by hiding your movements from them.

Finally, you should be careful not to get caught while taking the items. Even the slightest mistake can put you in danger. You should be prepared for unexpected events and keep your plan flexible. If you encounter an alarm or capture situation, you must change your strategy and quickly determine a new escape route.

Missions Challenges Reach the Destination Silently – Minimize sounds – Jump and climb obstacles – Use stealth abilities Steal Items – Locate target items – Deal with tough guard systems – Be careful not to get caught while retrieving items


Stealth and theft missions offer players an adrenaline-filled experience in action games. You must overcome the challenges using the necessary skills to silently reach the target and steal the items. You can successfully complete your goal by paying attention to sounds, bypassing obstacles and using stealth abilities. However, you should plan your every step carefully and act carefully. The stealth and theft missions you can encounter in a game like Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will make your gaming experience more engaging and exciting.

Hello! In this article, I will talk in detail about the main story missions and challenges you can encounter in the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst game. I will cover the article with the title “Tasks and Challenges You May Encounter in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst”.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an exciting action-adventure game. By controlling our main character, Faith Connors, we try to fulfill different tasks in the city. These missions are the key to our progress in the game and also give us adrenaline-filled moments. In this article, we will talk about the main story missions and the challenges that come with them.

Mission 1: Exploring the City

Our first task will be to log in to the game and explore the city. By going to different points in the city, we need to get to know the environment and overcome obstacles using our parkour skills. This mission teaches players the dynamics and control mechanics of the game.

Task 2: Gather Information

Many of our missions in the game involve gathering information. For example, as a hacker, Faith must obtain recordings from security cameras in the city or infiltrate a computer containing personal data. These missions give the player abilities to analyze voluminous data and access confidential information.

Mission 3: Pursuit and Escape

From time to time, Faith has to follow some characters or escape from enemies. In these missions, you must use your speed and reflexes to catch your target or escape from dangers. Track missions allow the player to maximize their parkour abilities.

Mission 4: Fighting Enemies

In the game, Faith must fight various enemies. In these missions, you have to neutralize the enemies using your fighting skills. Each enemy can use different tactics, so players must overcome challenges by developing different strategies.

Mission 5: Track Puzzles

Since Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a parkour-based game, it includes parkour puzzles. Some missions require Faith to think quickly and use her abilities to navigate complex courses. These missions test players’ intelligence and quick decision-making abilities.

Mission Difficulty Level Exploring the City Easy Collecting Information Medium Pursuit and Escape Medium-high Fighting Enemies High Track Puzzles Difficult

Overall, the main story missions in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are quite varied and vary in difficulty. By successfully completing missions, players can progress the story and gain more abilities. These missions offer players a satisfying experience with their action-packed gameplay.

I hope this article gave you a general idea about the missions and challenges in the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst game. Step into this exciting world and overcome the challenges using your parkour skills. Have fun!

Track Challenges and Time Limits: Missions That Require You to Be Fast and Skilled

Hello dear parkour lovers! In this article, we will tell you about the missions and track challenges that require you to be fast and skilled. These breathtaking missions, which you can encounter especially in the “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst” game, will fascinate parkour enthusiasts. Let’s get started and step into this exciting world together!

Missions You May Encounter in “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst”:

Mission One: Race for Time

Our first mission is an ideal option to test your speed and improve your parkour skills. In this mission, you have to cover a certain distance within a certain time. You need to pay attention to obstacles on the track ground that may slow you down, and make jumps and slides to increase your speed with the movements you have optimized.

Track Challenges and Time Limits:

Second Task: Overcoming Obstacles

One of the challenges often encountered on trails is obstacles. You have to overcome obstacles such as walls, fences or traps. In this mission, you need to use your coordination and reflexes as well as your speed. You may need to jump, climb walls, or long jump whenever you need to.

Third Mission: Discovering Hidden Paths

Finding and using secret paths on the tracks can help you escape time limits. In this mission, you have to leave the main road and explore alternative routes. Elements such as secret passages, tunnels or complex airflow systems can save you time and advantage. However, you should be careful when exploring these roads and you may have to make sudden changes on the track.

Task Four: Combating the Fear of Heights

Some trails have high elevations or narrow edges. In this mission, you have to overcome your fear of heights. You must be successful by maintaining your balance and courage in these missions that give you goosebumps even from a bird’s eye view. One careless step or poor balance could cost you time or even cause the mission to fail.

Time Limits:

Task Five: Timed Data Collection

In this task, you have to collect data distributed over a certain period of time. During this time, you must move quickly and uninterruptedly on the track, reach the designated places and collect data. This mission allows you to test both your parkour skills and speed. You also need to be careful when collecting data because it can be very easy to make mistakes when you are running out of time.

Mission Six: Time Attack

Finally, in this mission you have to set the fastest time on a specific track. In this mission full of time limits, you do not have the luxury of making mistakes. You must know the fastest route of the track, optimize your actions and maximize your speed against all obstacles. This task is one of the most favorite tasks of parkour enthusiasts, which increases the adrenaline.

Mission Difficulty Level Time Race Medium Overcoming Obstacles High Discovering Secret Paths Medium Fighting the Fear of Heights High Time Data Collection Medium Time Attack High

Overall, missions with track challenges and time limits offer an experience that requires quick thinking, agility, coordination and reflexes. You can improve yourself and try new strategies in each mission. However, the most important thing you should not forget is to be fast and achieve success on the track despite all the obstacles. Enjoy!

Missions and Challenges You May Encounter in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Fighting the Enemy Missions: Missions That Maximize Tension by Running and Fighting, Side Missions and Extra Content: Missions and Challenges That Can Be Discovered Outside the Game, Stealth and Theft Missions: Missions to Reach the Target Silently and Steal Items, Main Quests and Critical Decisions: Main Story Quests and Challenges in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Track Challenges and Time Limits: Missions That Require You to Be Fast and Skilled


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