Equipment and Weapons You Can Use in Atomic Heart


Equipment and Weapons You Can Use in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is a revolutionary science fiction action game that takes players to an alternate universe set in the Soviet Union and filled with mysteriously mutated machines. This game requires you to have solid equipment and strategic weapons. In this article, you can find more information about some of the equipment and weapons you can use in Atomic Heart.


  • Reinforced Glove: This glove, which helps you be effective against enemies in the game, allows you to deliver a powerful blow and lift objects.
  • Science Movie: This device allows you to control physical objects around you. You can hold objects in the air, throw them at enemies, or trap them in a protected area.
  • Reinforced Armor: Throughout the game, you can collect various armor pieces and reinforce your armor to provide greater durability.
  • Kitchen Knife: An effective weapon to be used in close combat, the kitchen knife allows you to neutralize enemies silently.
  • Walkie Talkie: The walkie talkie used to communicate in the game will give you important information and instructions on missions.


  • AK-47: A classic Soviet-made assault rifle, the AK-47 is an effective weapon known for its high damage potential and rapid firepower.
  • Machine Gun: There are multiple types of machine guns in Atomic Heart. The light machine gun has rapid fire power, while the heavy machine gun deals high damage.
  • Laser Gun: Laser guns fire a high-intensity laser beam using energy cells. It has an effective range and high damage.
  • Electro Stun Gun: The electro stun gun envelops enemies in electrical energy, temporarily incapacitating and damaging them.
  • Tesla Coil: This weapon uses electrical energy to damage enemies around it. He possesses enemies and can manipulate machines around him.


EquipmentWeaponsReinforced GlovesAK-47Science Movie RifleMachine GunReinforced ArmorLaser GunKitchen KnifeElectro Stun GunRadioTesla Coil

Atomic Heart offers its players the opportunity to fight in an alternative universe with various equipment and weapons. Each equipment and weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right equipment and strategic weapon use is important. In Atomic Heart, which is fun and exciting to play, you must skillfully use each equipment and weapon to be successful against the enemies.

Atomic Heart is a high-tech first-person shooter game. Players explore the ruins of the Soviet Union in an alternate reality. Various high-tech equipment and weapons are offered to players to experience an exciting action in the game. In this article, we will examine in detail the most impressive equipment and weapons you can use in the Atomic Heart game.

Cyber ​​Attack Devices

Atomic Heart offers players a variety of cyber attack devices to capture targets and neutralize enemies. These can be used to disable enemies’ armor or security measures. Additionally, cyberattack devices can provide a tactical advantage to capture and counter adversaries.

Advanced Energy Weapons

The advanced energy weapons you can use in the game are extremely effective tools to neutralize enemies. These weapons are powered by high-tech energy sources and can fire devastating energy shots at their enemies. Found in research laboratories, these weapons give players a revolutionary advantage.

Robotic Assistants

Atomic Heart offers players the opportunity to use high-tech robotic assistants. These robots can be used to provide players with extra security, target tough enemies, or navigate the environment. These helpers have their own tactics and offer a strategic advantage for players.

War and Defense Drones

The war and defense drones you can use in the game provide players with strong air support. These can be used to neutralize targets, hit enemy strong points, or launch a bomb attack. Players can use various tactics with these drones to surprise the enemy and gain an advantage.

High-Tech Armor

High-tech armors that you can use in the game provide players with extra protection and increase their abilities. These armors offer resistance to enemy fire as well as special abilities and upgrades. By exploring different armors, players can choose the one that suits their play style and gain advantages.

Equipment/Weapon Description Cyber ​​Attack Devices Used to capture enemies and disable their defenses. Advanced Energy Weapons Used to neutralize enemies with high energy. Robotic Assistants are used to provide players with extra security and strategic advantage. War and Defense Drones are used to surprise the enemy and gain an advantage by providing strong air support. High-Tech Armor is used to provide players with extra protection and increased abilities.

The above-mentioned high-tech equipment and weapons that you can use in the Atomic Heart game will make your gaming experience more exciting and strategic. Each of these features allows players to create different tactics based on their play style. Offering a fun and immersive atmosphere to play, Atomic Heart awaits you in a world full of high-tech war equipment!

With the discovery of nuclear energy, which emerged as a result of the fission of atomic nuclei, the world experienced an important turning point in war technologies. Nuclear weapons are among the most destructive and deadly weapons humanity has ever faced. However, in addition to nuclear weapons, there are many other lethal weapons and equipment created by innovative technology. In this article, you can find detailed information about some equipment and weapons you can use in the Atomic Heart game.

1. Electromagnetic Autopsy Device

When investigating an unusual death, you can use an electromagnetic autopsy device to assist you in examining corpses and organs. This device detects anomalies in the body’s internal organs, providing more information about the cause of death. You can also identify the energy sources of the undead through this device and neutralize them.

2. Biological Disinfectant Jumping Set

When you need to reach a certain area quickly and safely, you can use a biological disinfectant jump suit. This special suit allows you to dive into areas where radiation and biological threats exist. It also provides similar equipment to your teammates to provide effective defense against your enemies.

3. Nuclear Arsenal Gloves

You can use nuclear arsenal gloves to protect yourself against nuclear attacks. These special gloves protect your hands by reducing the harmful effects of nuclear radiation. Additionally, thanks to the sensitive sensors placed in these gloves, you can detect radioactive substances and determine whether there is a dangerous substance in a certain area.

4. Parasitic Nano Swarm Stingers

Parasitic nano swarm stingers, an effective weapon you can use against your enemies, contain large numbers of small nanobots. These nanobots can cause various damages and infections in your enemy’s body while attacking him. Nanobots can also neutralize the enemy’s defense system and make him more vulnerable.

5. Nanojump Shoes

Nanojumping shoes, which allow you to have fast and high jumping skills, make it easier to overcome obstacles. Thanks to these shoes, you can easily reach the upper floors of tall buildings or other difficult areas. You can also gain an advantage by making it difficult for your enemies to predict their moves.

Equipment/Weapon Features Electromagnetic Autopsy Device Detecting internal organ anomalies, neutralizing the energy sources of the living dead Biological Disinfectant Jump Suit Ability to dive against radiation and biological threats, providing similar equipment to teammates Nuclear Armory Gloves Protection against nuclear radiation, detecting radioactive substances Parasitic Nano Swarm Needles Infect the enemy through nanobots, disabling the defense system Nanojump Shoes High jumping skills, easy access to difficult areas, difficulty predicting enemy movements

These weapons and equipment with innovative technology that you can use in the Atomic Heart game will support you in your challenging and deadly missions. However, it is also important to be careful with the use of technology and prevent the misuse of these powers. Remember, technology can empower people, but it should not be forgotten that it can cause major disasters if not used responsibly.

Atomic power continues to make a huge difference on modern battlefields. Nowadays, many advanced weapons and devices have been developed in the field of military technology. In this article, we will introduce the high-tech equipment and weapons you can use in the fantasy world of Atomic Heart.

Energized Armor

Energy-charged armors are powerful armor sets that provide warriors with high protection and resistance to enemy attacks. These armors generally use atomic particle technology and minimize the risk of radiation exposure. Additionally, energy-charged armor allows warriors to be equipped with superhuman powers.

Energy-charged armors can be integrated with different types of weapons. There are many options, for example, energy-charged gloves that empower firearms or armor equipped with energy swords.

Energy Swords

Energy swords are sharp and deadly weapons powered by atomic energy. These swords allow warriors to cut down their enemies at melee range. Charged with atomic particle energy, these swords can easily penetrate enemy armor and destroy support formations.

Energy swords can synchronize with the user’s mobility and speed. Thus, it gives the user a greater advantage and helps them carry out their attacks more effectively.

Energy-Loaded Gloves

Energized gloves are palm-mounted devices that power firearms and create energy blasts. These gloves increase the wearer’s physical strength and allow them to perform more effective attacks against enemies.

The gloves, which can switch to various attack modes using atomic energy, can deflect enemies with powerful blows or create an explosion effect and inflict great damage. Thus, warriors can gain advantage by making various tactical and strategic moves.

Laser Rifles

Atomic-powered laser rifles enable effective attacks against enemies with high-intensity energy beams. Laser rifles are equipped with precision targeting systems and automatic aiming features.

Energy-focused laser beam attacks deliver massive firepower and can easily penetrate enemy armor. Additionally, since laser rifles do not have the problem of carrying bullets, warriors can fight for longer and without interruption.

Radiation Detection and Protection Devices

In the atomic power war, the danger of radiation is a major concern. Therefore, radiation detection and protection devices are vital.

These devices detect surrounding radiation levels and enable warfighters to take appropriate precautions. Additionally, radiation protective clothing and equipment protect warriors from the negative effects of radiation.

S.No Atomic Equipment Description 1 Energized Armor Durable and energized armor set. 2 Energy Swords Sharp and deadly weapons powered by energy particles. 3 Energy Charged Gloves Gloves that power up firearms and create energy blasts. 4 Laser Rifles Rifles that perform effective attacks with high-intensity energy beams. 5 Radiation Detection and Protection Devices Devices that detect radiation levels and protect warfighters.

Atomic power is a technology that provides great advantages on the battlefield. These high-tech devices and weapons developed for modern warfare increase the strength of warriors and enable them to fight enemies effectively. In the world of Atomic Heart, these advanced equipment and weapons play an important role in the battle of warriors of atomic power.

Atomic Heart is an action role-playing game in which characters equipped with the latest technology can use an array of weapons and vehicles. This exciting game allows players to battle enemies while solving mysteries in an atmospheric world. The game has a variety of equipment and weapons that can be used at different levels.


Atomic Heart offers players a wide variety of weapons. Some of the weapon types available in the game are:

Weapon Description Laser Gun It is a powerful laser gun produced with the latest technology. It can be used to quickly neutralize enemies. Plasma Cutter This weapon uses plasma energy that burns and disintegrates enemies. It is effective both in close combat and from a distance. Electromagnetic Rifle: Powered by electromagnetic energy, this rifle delivers powerful pulses and can stun enemies.

These are just a few examples and there are more weapon options in the game. Players can discover the weapons they will use in the later stages of the game and can make their weapons stronger by improving them.


Atomic Heart gives players more tactical options with a variety of equipment that characters can use. Some types of equipment include:

  • Invisibility Device: Thanks to this device, your character can move without being seen by enemies. Ideal for gathering intelligence or sneakily attacking enemies.
  • Armor Strength Enhancer: This equipment strengthens your character’s armor, allowing him to withstand more damage. Vital when facing tougher enemies.
  • Speed ​​Enhancing Shoes: These shoes increase the character’s movement speed. Useful for performing quick attacks or dodging enemies.

These equipment can be used to support players’ playing style and gain an advantage. Each equipment offers a different gameplay mechanic, and players can determine which equipment is best suited to complete challenging missions.

Atomic Heart offers players a variety of game tactics and strategies with its weapon and equipment options. Players can achieve success in the gaming world by equipping themselves against enemies with their preferred weapons and equipment. Remember, more powerful weapons and equipment can be discovered later in the game. Atomic Heart offers players the opportunity to creatively neutralize enemies and solve mysteries. Give this exciting game a try to discover new equipment and weapons.

Hello Atomic Heart fans! Today we will give you information about the unique equipment and weapons you can use in the science fiction world. Atomic Heart is a highly anticipated action and horror video game. The setting of the game takes place in a dystopian version of the Soviet Union and offers players an immersive adventure.

1. Advanced Weapons

Atomic Heart offers players a variety of advanced weapons to defeat their enemies. In keeping with the atmosphere of the game, some weapons have a dystopian theme. Since it is a first-person shooter game, players will be able to use various weapons such as machine guns, laser guns, and even energy guns, which they can use effectively against their enemies.

2. Special Armors

Atomic Heart also offers players special armor to increase their chances of survival. These armors protect players’ health points, making them more resistant to damage. Later in the game, players will discover and use stronger and more durable armor.

3. Advanced Reinforcement Systems

Atomic Heart further enhances the gaming experience by providing players with advanced boosts. These boosts allow players to gain super powers and fight against their enemies more effectively. For example, players can slow down time or manipulate their enemies.

4. Unusual Vehicles

The game also features unusual vehicles that players can use to fight against their enemies. For example, players can increase damage dealt to enemies using a robotic gauntlet or reach high places using a jetpack. Vehicles allow players to move faster through the game world.

Equipment/Weapon Description Mechanical Spider A small robot spider that helps players navigate confined spaces. Holographic Camouflage Device An advanced camouflage device that players use to hide from their enemies. Molecular Solvent Weapon A weapon that dissolves enemies’ armor and neutralizes them.

  • All of the equipment and weapons in the game can be discovered in the later stages of the game.
  • The game offers players a wide range of options to try different strategies.
  • Players can choose their own equipment to survive in a dystopian world, in accordance with the atmosphere of the game.

Atomic Heart equips fans with unique equipment and weapons that provide an immersive experience in the world of science fiction. By taking part in the game, you can discover these unique equipment and use them to defeat your enemies. The impressive graphics and atmosphere of the game will give you a unique gaming experience.

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