Dead Rising 4: In-Game Quests, Stories and Achievements Review


Dead Rising 4: In-Game Quests, Stories and Achievements Review

Dead Rising 4 is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. Dead Rising 4, the fourth game in the series, has a scenario that forces players to fight and survive against the zombie invasion. The game offers an experience that attracts players with its original story, various missions and challenging achievements.

In-Game Quests

Dead Rising 4 offers players a variety of in-game missions. Players can progress the game by following the main story missions. These missions generally focus on exploring main character Frank West’s fight for survival and the background of the zombie invasion. As players complete missions, they enable the story to evolve and earn new power-ups and equipment.

Additionally, side quests also play an important role in the game. Side quests allow players to earn different rewards by interacting with different characters. These missions often include themes such as protection, search and rescue. Side quests provide an experience that deepens the game’s world and offers more details about the zombie invasion.


The story of Dead Rising 4 begins with Frank West returning to the city of Willamette. Frank discovers that the zombie invasion is the result of a failed military experiment and tries to solve murders and mysteries to uncover this dangerous truth. Players join Frank on his adventure, pursuing mysteries and advancing the narrative.

The story not only reveals the truth behind the zombie attacks, but also deals with Frank’s personal journey. While confronting his past, Frank tries to revive humanity’s hopes in the city and fight off the zombie invasion. Players watch and connect with the character’s emotional change as they progress through the story.


Achievements in the game provide additional motivation to players and make the gameplay even more challenging. Achievements often require players to complete certain tasks and earn special rewards. For example, the “Zed’s Dead, Baby” achievement requires the player to kill a certain number of zombies, while the “Master of Unlocking” achievement may require the player to open all the locks.

Achievements Description “Survivor” The player manages to survive for a certain period of time “Zombie Slayer” The player kills a certain number of zombies “Master Investigator” The player manages to solve the whole mystery

Achievements increase the replayability of the game and encourage players to spend more time. Players develop strategies to complete achievements and try to take on more challenges by trying different play styles.


Dead Rising 4 offers players a unique experience with its various in-game missions, interesting story and challenging achievements. Players have the opportunity to delve deeper into the story and characters as they fight to survive in a world full of zombies. The game’s fascinating atmosphere, impressive graphics and fluid game mechanics satisfy Dead Rising series fans.

  • Zombie invasion themed survival horror game
  • Interesting story and characters
  • Various in-game quests and side quests
  • Challenging achievements
  • Fascinating atmosphere and impressive graphics

Dead Rising 4 is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. Players control the character Frank West as he investigates survivors and the zombie outbreak. The game is full of exciting in-game quests, engaging stories and achievements. In this article, we will discuss in detail the special achievements that Dead Rising 4 offers and how to earn them.

Quests and Stories

Dead Rising 4 offers players a variety of missions and stories. The main story follows the events Frank West encounters while investigating the zombie outbreak. During the game, you will also take part in many side quests. These missions may require you to fulfill requests from other survivors or find certain objects. Side quests provide the opportunity to explore the game world and prove that Dead Rising 4 has rich storytelling.

Some missions present various challenges. Zombies pose a serious threat in a world where the need to change clothes may arise. For example, in a mission you may need to clear a certain area in a limited time. In other missions, you may face challenges such as finding a specific object or protecting other survivors in the game world. Completing quests is vital to progress and explore the story.

Special Achievements

Dead Rising 4 offers players a variety of special achievements. These achievements can be earned in a variety of ways, such as completing challenging missions, finding hidden items, or meeting certain conditions. Each achievement provides players with meaning and satisfaction in the game.

Some of the special achievements may require players to win challenging boss battles. These battles allow players to test their skills and strategies. Other achievements may require players to destroy many zombies in a certain amount of time, conduct research, or discover special items.

Some achievements may be hidden and require players to be extra careful to discover. Secret achievements may require accessing some secret area in the game world or completing a specific game chapter. Earning these achievements encourages players to explore the game and provides a sense of accomplishment.

How to Win?

To earn special achievements in Dead Rising 4, players must use a variety of strategies. Here are some tips to earn achievements:

Achievements Tips “I Explained My Problem to My Zombie” Players must destroy 100 zombies at a time. Heading into dense zombie areas and using effective weapons can help you achieve this achievement. “Fancy Life” To earn this achievement, players must purchase 50 different outfits from any store. To earn money, it is important to complete tasks and keep an eye out for discounts in stores. “Hidden Treasure” To earn this secret achievement, players must discover a special lock code and find a hidden item in a specific chest. It is necessary to check the chests carefully and explore the game world.

Dead Rising 4 offers players exciting in-game quests, engaging stories and special achievements. While you find yourself in the middle of the zombie epidemic, you can earn these achievements and prove your excellence. Use your skills and join the adventures in the unique world of Dead Rising 4 to save survivors and uncover the truth!

Dead Rising 4 is an exciting game about the adventures of Frank West, a journalist trying to survive in the zombie apocalypse. In the game, you have to perform various tasks while trying to survive in a shopping mall filled with a horde of deadly zombies. In this article, we will give detailed information about the challenging side quests and achievements you need to complete in Dead Rising 4.

1. Fatal Delivery

In this mission, you need to create special weapons that you can use against zombies by collecting various materials from various areas in the shopping center. This mission will test both your strategy and quick thinking skills and give you powerful new weapons.


  • Delivery Master – Completing this mission
  • Zombie Killer – kill 100 zombies

2. Call for Help

In this mission, you have to save people trapped in the shopping mall. You can start the mission by helping people in various regions who are threatened by zombies. This role will require you to prove your good faith and make people feel safe.


  • Heroic Rescuer – save 10 people
  • Guardian Angel – Rescue 25 people

3. The Hidden Danger

In this mission, you have to summon a powerful zombie hiding in the shopping mall. Going on a journey full of fear and excitement, you must find this dangerous creature and bring more challenges to the game. This mission will give you the opportunity to explore the depths of the game and help you unlock new chapters.


  • The Phantom Menace – Completing this mission
  • Hidden Creature Hunter – Defeat the hidden powerful zombie

4. Dangerous Research

In this mission, you have to sneak into the laboratory in the shopping mall. Here, you must conduct research to discover the origin of zombies and how the virus spreads. However, your journey will be full of dangers and you need to act wisely.


  • Dangerous Researcher – Sneaking into the laboratory
  • Virus Inventor – Discovering the origin of the zombie virus

5. The Last Battle

In this mission, you have to face the strongest zombie leader in the mall. In this epic battle, you must use your strategic skills and defeat your enemy despite all the difficulties. This mission will pave the way to the game’s finale and will be your biggest challenge.


  • Final Battle – Fight the strongest zombie leader
  • Escape Route – Escape from the mall

Dead Rising 4 offers an indispensable experience for zombie players. Challenging side quests and achievements increase the depth of the game and encourage players to explore further. The tasks we cover in detail in this review are just a few examples. Enjoy stepping into a world full of options and exciting adventures offered by the game!

Dead Rising 4 is a popular survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. The game focuses on the adventures of Frank West, a photographer fighting against the zombie epidemic. Dead Rising 4 features additional content such as secret missions, bonus stories and achievements.

Secret Missions

Secret missions are additional missions in the game that can be played independently of the main story. These missions can usually be initiated by interacting with other characters and offer a variety of challenges. There are many different secret missions in Dead Rising 4. For example;

  • Lost and Found: In this mission, you have to visit an orphanage and help lost children. You need to explore different areas to find the children and bring them back to the orphanage safely.
  • Viral Outbreak: In this mission, a team of scientists are trying to develop a vaccine that can control the zombie epidemic. Your duty is to help these scientists and collect the necessary materials. In this mission, you must be careful against zombies and race against time to complete the vaccination process.
  • Delivery Disaster: In this mission, you have to help a merchant trying to survive. The merchant must collect orders from the zombie army and deliver them to a safe point. Your duty is to accompany the merchant and protect him from zombies.

Bonus Stories

Bonus stories offer players additional content that can be played independently of the main story. These stories generally focus on exploring the backgrounds and motivations of side characters in the game. Dead Rising 4 includes several bonus stories:

  • Case West: In this bonus story, Frank West is partnered with Chuck Greene, a former member of his photography team. The duo join forces to stop the zombie epidemic and face all kinds of difficulties.
  • Frank Rising: This story begins with Frank West turning into a zombie at the end of the main story. Players fight to stop the zombie army while discovering Frank’s new zombie powers.


In Dead Rising 4, there are many different achievements that players can complete. These achievements may require players to complete certain tasks or overcome certain challenges. For example:

Achievements Description Photojournalist Take a total of 100 photos in the game. Zombie Slayer Kill a total of 500 zombies in the game. Survivalist Survive a complex difficulty level in the game.

While these achievements add additional challenge to the game, they also provide players with extra rewards and development opportunities.

Secret missions, bonus stories and achievements in Dead Rising 4 are important elements that increase the replayability of the game and offer additional content to players. These additional contents enrich the gaming experience and offer players different story and gameplay options. With all this additional content, Dead Rising 4 offers an unmissable experience for those who love zombie horror games.

The fourth game of the famous survival game series Dead Rising once again drags players into a dangerous world full of zombies. Dead Rising 4 manages to please the fans of the series once again with its unique story and unforgettable main characters. In this article, we will take a look at the quests, stories and achievements the game includes.

In-Game Quests

The game is about the adventures of photojournalist Frank West. Frank returns to help the resistance organization against the zombie invasion after a mysterious outbreak at the Willamette Mall. You will encounter various missions throughout the game.

Priority missions are missions that advance the main story and usually involve challenging zombie combat. These missions become more difficult as the game progresses and will test players’ skills.

Side quests are tasks that take place outside the main story and are accomplished by interacting with different NPCs. These missions can offer players different rewards and benefits.

Dead Rising 4 also features free roam missions that allow you to fight off the zombie invasion. These missions require players to engage zombies in different areas of Willamette Mall and allow you to earn extra experience points and items.


Although the story of Dead Rising 4 contains links to previous games in the series, it offers its own unique narrative. Frank West quickly goes to Willamette Shopping Mall and begins investigating the mysterious epidemic there. This investigation requires Frank to team up with Vicky, a young scientist.

As the game progresses, Frank and Vicky join a resistance organization against zombies and undertake dangerous missions to unravel the secret behind this organization. In this process, the development of the characters and the relationships between them help the story create an interesting and emotional atmosphere.

Main characters

Dead Rising 4 has interesting and colorful characters. Some of the main characters:

  • Frank West : Frank, the popular character of the Dead Rising series, is the main hero of the game. As a photojournalist, he fights the zombie invasion.
  • Vicky : Vicky, a young scientist, is an important character who stands by Frank. She makes the team’s work easier with her computer skills.
  • Brad Park : Brad, a free-spirited character, is the leader of the resistance organization. He sets an example for other characters with his intelligence and leadership abilities.
  • Isabella : This mysterious character is a well-known name from previous games. He supports other characters and provides important information.


Dead Rising 4 offers players challenging achievements. You can earn achievements by completing different missions and challenges in the game. For example, completing the level within a certain time or discovering zombie outfits.

Achievements Description Zombie Killer Kill 1000 zombies The Adventure Begins Start the game and complete the first mission Fast Feet Cover a certain distance in a certain time

Dead Rising 4 is an option that attracts the attention of game lovers with its unique story and unforgettable main characters. The variety of missions, the immersion of the story and the difficulty of the achievements allow players to enjoy the game for a long time. If you are interested in zombie survival games, we can say that Dead Rising 4 is an option not to be missed.

Dead Rising 4 is an action-adventure game developed by Capcom. In the game, which takes place in the town of Willamette, where the zombie apocalypse took place, players must complete challenging tasks to survive and solve the mystery. In this review, we will discuss Dead Rising 4’s in-game missions, stories and achievements in detail.

In-Game Quests

Along with the main quests, Dead Rising 4 also offers players a variety of side quests to progress the game. These side quests are important to explore the world of the game, gain extra experience and get interesting rewards. At the same time, some side quests may have consequences that may affect the main story. For example, if you cannot save a particular character, he or she may not be able to help you in later chapters.

Many side quests are given by different NPCs and usually take place in different parts of the town of Willamette. Some tasks may be timed tasks that must be completed within a certain period of time. It is important for players to manage time well and complete tasks on time.


The main story of Dead Rising 4 begins with the protagonist Frank West returning to the town of Willamette. Trying to find the real causes of the zombie epidemic, Frank encounters many difficulties while completing tasks in different parts of the town. The game draws players into a gripping story with its tense narrative.

The game also includes side stories. These side stories can be unlocked by interacting with NPCs or completing certain quests. Side stories deepen the game’s world and offer players the opportunity to interact with different characters.


Dead Rising 4 offers players a variety of achievements to complete. These achievements are associated with various challenges, such as players completing different quests, defeating difficult Bosses, or finding certain collectibles. Achievements make the game even more challenging and satisfying.

Achievements also offer players bonus rewards. For example, a player who achieves a certain achievement can unlock in-game items such as new weapons or costumes. This further enhances the gaming experience.

Achievements Description Zombie Killer Kill 1000 zombies Supermarket Champion Complete the Supermarket mission Thrill Hunter Complete 10 timed missions in a given time Secret Hero Save a specific character

Dead Rising 4 offers players an immersive experience with its in-game missions, rich story and satisfying achievements. You must face these missions to survive in the midst of the zombie epidemic and discover the secrets of the town. As you complete your achievements, you will be on your way to controlling the chaos in the town of Willamette.

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