Comparison with Axiom Verge and Other Metroidvania Games


Comparison with Axiom Verge and Other Metroidvania Games

The Metroidvania game genre was formed by combining the Metroid and Castlevania series. Games in this genre combine elements such as exploration, platform jumping and combat, providing players with a unique experience. In this article, we will compare Axiom Verge, a popular Metroidvania game, with other similar games.

What is Axiom Verge?

Axiom Verge is an independent video game developed in 2015. This game stands out for its retro pixel graphics and music along with a gripping story. Players control Trace, a scientist trapped in a futuristic world. In the game, we strive to discover secret passages and defeat enemies by gaining new abilities and weapons. Axiom Verge is considered a highly recommended Metroidvania game by many game critics.

Axiom Verge and Other Metroidvania Games

Below is a table comparing Axiom Verge to other popular Metroidvania games:

Game Graphics Story Gameplay Expansion Axiom Verge Pixel Graphics Immersive Exploration, Fighting Medium Hollow Knight Pixel Graphics Dark Fantasy Platform Jumping, Fighting Great Ori and the Blind Forest Hand Painted Emotional Exploration, Platform Jumping Small Dead Cells Pixel Graphics Destroyed Destroy Enemies with Obtained Abilities Roguelike

  • Axiom Verge: Axiom Verge’s pixel graphics emphasize the game’s retro feel and atmosphere. The story of the game is also quite immersive and intriguing. The game successfully combines exploration and combat elements and offers a moderate gameplay time.
  • Hollow Knight: Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania game set in an insect world. It attracts attention with its pixel graphics and dark fantasy atmosphere. The game offers challenging platform jumping sections and combat options. The gameplay of the game is quite long and offers a wide world.
  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Ori and the Blind Forest is a Metroidvania game that stands out with its eye-catching hand-painted graphics. The story of the game offers an emotional and impressive journey. Elements of platforming and exploration form the basis of the game. The world of the game is relatively small, but the gameplay is quite satisfying.
  • Dead Cells: Dead Cells is a roguelike metroidvania game. It uses pixel graphics and there are no story elements in the game. The game aims to destroy enemies with the acquired skills. The game takes place in a different world each time and the gameplay time is quite long.

The table and list above show how Axiom Verge compares to other popular Metroidvania games in terms of graphics, story, gameplay, and breadth. Each game offers its own unique style and experience, so players can choose the one that best suits their preferences.

As a result, Axiom Verge holds its own when compared to other Metroidvania games. The game’s retro pixel graphics and immersive story provide players with an unforgettable experience. However, other games such as Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Dead Cells also showcase the richness of the Metroidvania genre by offering unique graphics, stories, and gameplay. In conclusion, we recommend that every player explores games in this genre and choose the one that best suits their preferences.

Metroidvania is a video game genre that has its own genre in the gaming world. This genre is generally known for exploration, puzzle solving, and progressive empowerment. Axiom Verge is a game that can be considered an example of the Metroidvania genre. In this article, we’ll cover how Axiom Verge compares to other Metroidvania games.

What is Metroidvania?

The term Metroidvania emerged in reference to the Metroid and Castlevania games. These games allow players to move around a map and discover new areas, providing an experience based on exploration and progression. Players can access areas they could not reach before by acquiring new abilities or solving puzzles.

In these types of games, there is usually a main story and players have to complete certain tasks to advance this story. The development and strengthening of characters is also an important element, and they can fight against more challenging areas and enemies by being equipped with new abilities.

Axiom Verge and Metroidvania

Axiom Verge is one example of this genre and has become quite popular. The game has retro-style graphics and fits perfectly into the Metroidvania genre with its gameplay mechanics.

In the game, players control the character Trace, a scientist. Trace is teleported to an alien world as a result of a laboratory accident and tries to survive in this world. Players gain new abilities and solve puzzles as they progress through a maze-like map that Trace must explore. These abilities are used to gain access to new areas and defeat enemies.

The game attracts attention with its dark atmosphere and mysterious story. Additionally, it offers players various gameplay options by offering many different weapon and skill options.

Comparison of Axiom Verge to Other Metroidvania Games

Axiom Verge has significant differences compared to other Metroidvania games. We can summarize these differences in the table below:

Game Atmosphere Graphics Story Gameplay Options Axiom Verge Dark and mysterious Retro style Survival in the labyrinth world Various weapons and abilities Metroid Science fiction Nintendo style Exploration of the mysterious planet Samus Aran’s reinforced armor Castlevania Dark and gothic Pixel art Fight with Dracula Different weapons and abilities

Axiom Verge differs from other games in terms of atmosphere and graphics. It offers players a unique experience with its retro-style graphics and dark atmosphere. It differs from other games in terms of story and offers players the struggle to survive in the labyrinth world.

When it comes to gameplay options, Axiom Verge’s variety of weapons and abilities give players the chance to try different tactics. This enriches the game in terms of replayability.


Axiom Verge stands out as a game that can be cited as an example of the Metroidvania genre. It differs from other games with its retro-style graphics, dark atmosphere and unique gameplay options. Therefore, it definitely offers an experience worth trying for players who love the Metroidvania genre.

Metroidvania style games are a type of game that has gained popularity in recent years. Games in this style offer unique experiences that combine elements of exploration, platforming, combat and progression. Aksiom Verge is one of the leading games of this genre. In this article, we will focus on how Aksiom Verge differs from other Metroidvania games.

Visual Style and Atmosphere

Aksiom Verge attracts attention with its striking pixel art style. Colorful pixels filling the screen take the player into a retro experience, while also creating a deep and atmospheric world. While other Metroidvania games often feature more modern 2D graphics, Aksiom Verge’s unique visual style sets it apart.

Sound Design and Music

Aksiom Verge stands out not only visually, but also with its sound design and music. The electronic music used in the game offers the player a mysterious and extraordinary atmosphere. While most other Metroidvania games use more traditional or epic soundtracks, Aksiom Verge offers another experience with its extraordinary music.

Surprises and Secret Passages

Aksiom Verge offers a vast world full of secret passages and surprises. While exploring the map, players can discover new passages or access secret rooms. Aksiom Verge gives players a constant feeling of discovery thanks to these secret passages and details full of surprises. Although other Metroidvania games feature similar mechanics, Aksiom Verge has a unique approach to it.

Creatures and Enemies

Aksiom Verge has different and unique creatures that players will encounter. Each of these creatures has different characteristics and weak points, providing the player with a strategic combat experience. While other Metroidvania games also feature different creatures, Aksiom Verge’s creatures and enemies are specifically designed to complement the overall tone of the game.

Immersive Story

Aksiom Verge has advanced storytelling. Trace, the main character of the game, mysteriously travels to another dimension and discovers the events taking place there. As the story progresses, the player strives to uncover the secrets of this mysterious world. Storytelling is important in other Metroidvania games as well, but Aksiom Verge’s gripping story is a step above the rest.

Aksiom Verge Other Metroidvania Games Pixel art style Usually modern 2D graphics Electronic music Usually traditional or epic soundtracks Full of secret passages and surprises Similar mechanics Unique creatures and enemies Different creatures Immersive storytelling Emphasizes storytelling

Overall, Aksiom Verge has several features that differentiate it from other Metroidvania games. It offers players an unforgettable experience with its pixel art style, electronic music, secret passages, unique creatures and immersive story. These features of Aksiom Verge are definitely worth exploring for players who love the Metroidvania genre.

Metroidvania type games offer players a gaming experience full of exploration, puzzle solving and plenty of action. Axiom Verge stands out as an outstanding example of this type of game. In this article, we will focus on the graphical differences between Axiom Verge and other Metroidvania games.

Graphic design

One of Axiom Verge’s most notable features is its retro pixel art style. The game is full of detailed pixellations that pay tribute to the graphics of the 8-bit and 16-bit era. This style immerses players in a nostalgic atmosphere and reflects the love for the games of the past.

Some other Metroidvania games have more modern and detailed graphics. Games run at high resolutions and aim to impress players with detailed character models and rich backgrounds. They usually have a modern art style where colors are vibrant and effects are more complex.

Game Graphics Style Axiom Verge Retro Pixel Art Ori and the Blind Forest Forest Themed Vibrant Graphics Hollow Knight Gothic Pixel Art Dead Cells Dark Pixel Art

Color palette

Axiom Verge generally features dark and dim color palettes. The game is dominated by colors such as blue, green and gray in various shades. This color palette offers players a mysterious and eerie atmosphere. It fits perfectly with the game’s story and retro pixel style.

Some other Metroidvania games use more vibrant color palettes. For example, in Ori and the Blind Forest, brightly colored forests offer players a warm and friendly atmosphere. Hollow Knight, on the other hand, uses a darker and gothic color palette, adding a mystical atmosphere to the game.

Background Details

Axiom Verge’s backgrounds generally have a simple and minimalist design. This allows players to keep the main focus on the characters and foreground objects. Backgrounds are filled with mysterious maze corridors, electronic circuits and other sci-fi elements.

Other Metroidvania games use richer and more complex designs in background details. Since Ori and the Blind Forest features magical forests, the backgrounds feature vegetation, water effects, and details that reflect the change of different seasons. Since Hollow Knight takes place in dark caves, it includes elements such as different stones and giant insect creatures in the backgrounds.

All in all, Axiom Verge and other Metroidvania games offer an amazing experience with different graphic styles and designs. If you are a retro pixel art enthusiast, Axiom Verge will be a perfect option for you. However, if you prefer games with more modern and detailed graphics, you can try games such as Ori and the Blind Forest, Hollow Knight or Dead Cells. Since graphic design plays an important role in the gaming experience, it is best to decide by experiencing the unique atmosphere that each game offers.

Difference Between Axiom Verge and Other Metroidvania Games – Comparison

Axiom Verge and other Metroidvania-style games provide players with exciting and exploratory experiences that offer unique weapon systems. Although each game has different features and gameplay mechanics, the common ground is that there are various weapons and abilities that help players progress. In this article, we will examine the weapon systems and differences of Axiom Verge and other Metroidvania games in detail.

Axiom Verge is a story-driven action-adventure game and offers players a variety of weapons and abilities. Weapons, called Keyword Weapons in the game, are used to defeat enemies or solve puzzles. Weapons such as Tekken, Imperforator and Kilver in the hands of the main character allow players to be more effective against different situations and enemy types. Additionally, players can improve their gameplay and progress as they discover new weapons and abilities.

Other Metroidvania games feature a similar weapon system. For example, in Shadow Complex, a popular Metroidvania game, players have access to a suit called the Proto Interface Feature. This suit allows the player to use more powerful and effective weapons. Additionally, upgrades, special abilities, and weapons discovered in the game also help players progress.

Discovery and Backtracking

Axiom Verge and other Metroidvania games emphasize the element of exploration and encourage players to return and access previously inaccessible areas. These types of games often allow players to discover new abilities and weapons while exploring the map. Players can return to new areas they have discovered and reach previously unopened areas or hidden items. This increases the replayability of the game and the drive for discovery.

For example, in Axiom Verge, when players find various power-ups and weapons, they can return to previously inaccessible areas. In these areas, they can open secret passages, use special abilities, and perform stronger attacks against new enemies. Likewise, in other Metroidvania games, flashbacks allow players to discover new areas and hidden items.

Game Weapons Special Abilities Return Axiom Verge Keyword Weapons Variant Abilities Yes Shadow Complex Different types of weapons Proto UI Feature Yes Metroid Blue Orbe Weapon Variant Abilities Yes

Bottom line, Axiom Verge and other Metroidvania games offer players a unique weapon system experience. Each game offers a variety of weapons and abilities to help players progress. Additionally, exploration and returning mechanics encourage players to explore new areas and find hidden items. These games offer a unique experience for players who love action and adventure.

Metroidvania is a prominent subgenre within the platformer genre and generally focuses on exploration, progression, and skill development mechanics. Axiom Verge is one of the most notable and appreciated games of this subgenre. In this article, we will compare Axiom Verge to other Metroidvania games, examining the game’s character development and other important elements.

1. Story and Atmosphere

Axiom Verge has a science fiction themed story and takes the player into an immersive world. Trace, the main character of the game, is trapped in a strange world between the past and the future as a result of a laboratory accident. He must have various powers to survive and discover what is happening on this mysterious planet.

Compared to other Metroidvania games, Axiom Verge’s story is presented in a very deep and original way. As we progress through the game, we encounter a mind-bending series of events and characters. Its atmosphere fascinates with the feeling of a dystopian world and constantly leaves the player in suspense.

2. Gameplay and Exploration

Axiom Verge offers exploration-focused gameplay. Using Trace’s skills, players must find secret passages, unlock new areas, and improve their abilities to unlock more power. The game is full of challenging enemies, traps to be careful of, and mysterious puzzles.

Similar to other Metroidvania games, Axiom Verge requires you to use your real-time combat abilities as you progress across the map. You must proceed carefully to find unexplored areas and achieve advanced abilities.

3. Character Development and Abilities

Axiom Verge is a very rich game in terms of character development and abilities. Trace can develop different strategies to defeat enemies while gaining new abilities and weapons. There are dozens of different weapon and equipment options in the game, and each offers a different play style.

Compared to other Metroidvania games, Axiom Verge’s character development system is quite flexible. You can upgrade your abilities using power-up points and choose abilities that suit your play style. This offers the possibility of personalization and customization in the game.

4. Visual and Sound Design

Axiom Verge has a visual design created in pixel art style. This style represents the retro feel of the game and a homage to video games of bygone eras. In the game, each region has its own unique appearance and is decorated with remarkable details.

On the audio side, Axiom Verge has an impressive collection of music and sound effects that enhance the atmosphere. The game’s music successfully reflects the mysterious and dangerous world of the game and activates the player’s emotions.

5. Impressiveness and Replayability

Axiom Verge offers an impressive experience with both story and gameplay. The unique world and atmosphere of the game constantly intrigues the player and encourages exploration. Also, the game has multiple endings and you can reach different endings depending on your different decisions.

In terms of replayability, Axiom Verge is quite satisfactory. The game has unexplored areas, hidden items, and dungeons that are difficult to achieve. Additionally, many secret passages and secrets can be found in the game, which encourages players to play again and again.

Axiom Verge Other Metroidvania Games Story and Atmosphere Deep and original Various Gameplay and Exploration Full of secret passages and puzzles Varies depending on the structure of the game Character Development and Abilities Flexible and customizable Varies depending on the structure of the game and the character Visual and Sound Design A retro look with pixel art style Varies depending on the style of the game Impressiveness and Replayability Constantly arouses curiosity Varies depending on the structure and story of the game

In conclusion, Axiom Verge is a game with its own unique story, gameplay, character development and visual design compared to other Metroidvania games. It has managed to attract the attention of gamers with its impressive atmosphere, discovery-filled mechanics and constant curiosity.

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