Best Weapon and Equipment Tactics in Dead Cells


Best Weapon and Equipment Tactics in Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an action role-playing game developed by Motion Twin. In the game, the player wanders through a dungeon as an immortal cell and progresses by fighting enemies. To be successful in the game, it is important to make good weapon and equipment choices. This article details the best weapon and equipment tactics in Dead Cells.

Weapon Tactics

There are a variety of weapons in Dead Cells, and each has different features and advantages. Below we explain the best gun tactics in the game:

1. Spades and Shields

The spade and shield combination is a frequently preferred tactic in the game. Spade is very effective in close combat and deals high damage. The shield blocks enemy attacks and strengthens defense. This combination allows you to attack enemies quickly and also helps you avoid attacks.

2. Bow and Sword

The combination of bow and sword allows you to attack from far and close. The bow will help you neutralize enemies from afar, while the sword can be used in close combat. This combination allows you to be more flexible in a variety of situations, adapting to both ranged and melee combat.

3. Bomb and Trap

The combination of bombs and traps is preferred to neutralize enemies and provide area control. While the bomb deals great damage, traps block the enemies’ path and stop them. This combination is ideal for players who want to adopt an attack tactic focused on enemies.

Equipment Tactics

In Dead Cells, equipment is vital to the player’s survival. Below, we’ve outlined the best equipment tactics:

1. Healing Items

There are various healing items in the game that allow the player to quickly replenish their health. Collecting these items allows the player to survive longer. Collecting and using healing items as much as possible will give you an advantage when fighting against tough enemies.

2. Compatible Equipment

Equipment should be chosen to suit the player’s playing style. For example, a player who prefers to use fast attacks should choose weapons and items that provide fast attacks. With the use of equipment, the player’s attack speed and damage increase, making him more effective in the game.

3. Extra Attack and Defense Abilities

Equipment can offer extra offensive and defensive capabilities. For example, a shield can provide extra defense, while a booster equipment can provide extra attack speed. Having such equipment allows the player to be more effective in combat and grants greater durability against tough enemies.


Below is a table of the best weapons and equipment in Dead Cells:

Weapon Features Spade Deals high damage Bow Can attack from a distance Sword Suitable for close combat Bomb Deals damage to a large area

The table above helps players choose the best weapons in Dead Cells. Additionally, the table helps players see the advantages of each weapon.

The Road to Success

Having the best weapons and equipment in Dead Cells creates the player’s path to success. Correctly using weapons and equipment tactics makes it easier for the player to deal with enemies and ensures his survival. It is important to try different weapon and equipment combinations by trial and error in the game. You may need to take your time to find the best tactics.

Once you learn the best weapon and equipment tactics in Dead Cells, you can be more effective and achieve more success in the game. You can improve your combat skills and deal with enemies better. Using these tactics, you can progress through the exciting world of Dead Cells and survive against tough enemies!

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite game developed by Motion Twin that offers players an exciting action experience. In the game, you control a monster consisting of a cell, while exploring a maze-like world and fighting enemies. Choosing the right combination of weapons and equipment is extremely important to be successful. In this article, we will cover in detail the best weapon and equipment tactics in Dead Cells.

1. Weapon Selection

There are many different weapon options in Dead Cells, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some tactics to help you choose the most effective weapons:

  • Moving Weapons: Fast moving weapons allow you to deal damage to enemies quickly. It is especially effective in situations where you have to fight many enemies at the same time.
  • Heavy Weapons: Slow but powerful, heavy weapons allow you to deal massive damage in a single attack. It can be very effective when used against larger enemies.
  • Long Range Weapons: You can shoot enemies from a safe distance with long range weapons. This way you can prevent enemies from attacking you.

Which weapon you choose depends on your play style and personal preferences. Using the trial and error method, you should try different weapons and find the one that suits you best.

2. Equipment Selection

Equipment is items that increase important attributes in the game, such as health and defense. Choosing the right equipment will increase your chances of survival. Here are the points you should consider when choosing equipment:

  • Health Boost: Equipment can increase your health points or heal your health. To make your survival easier, you should choose equipment that increases health.
  • Defense Increase: It is important to choose equipment that allows you to take less damage from enemy attacks. Armor and shields can help increase your defense.
  • Ability Enhancement: Some equipment allows you to gain special abilities to use. These abilities allow you to fight enemies effectively.

When choosing equipment, it is important to take a balanced approach. You can achieve the best results by using health boosting, defense boosting and skill boosting equipment in a balanced manner.

3. Skill Tree Development

Dead Cells offers the opportunity to develop your character through the skill tree. By earning skill points, you can have different abilities. Distributing ability points correctly will increase your character’s strength and durability. Here are the skill tree development tactics:

  • Attack Power Boost: Channeling your skill points into attack power allows you to deal more damage to enemies.
  • Health Boost: Investing in abilities that increase your health score increases your chances of survival.
  • Defense Power Increase: Focusing on abilities that allow you to take less damage increases your durability.

Distributing your skill points evenly allows you to use your character’s power in the best way. Depending on your playing style and preferences, you can adjust the scores as you wish.

Weapon Effect Advantages Disadvantages Mobile Weapons Fast attack Mobility Low damage Heavy Weapons Large damage Strong attack Slow movement Long Range Weapons Safe attack Possibility of attacking from a long distance Slow firing rate

Finding the best weapon and equipment combinations in Dead Cells is the key to succeeding in the game. Using the tactics presented in this article, you can fight monsters more effectively and emerge victorious from dungeons. Don’t forget to experiment a lot to discover the game and improve your strategies!

Best Weapon and Equipment Tactics in Dead Cells: Reviews and Recommendations

Dead Cells is a roguelike game developed and published by Motion Twin. In the game, the player directs a character controlled from an immortal cell. Its aim is to defeat the enemies and complete the levels by equipping them with advanced weapons and equipment. It is very important to use the best weapons and equipment to succeed in the game.

Best Weapons

There are many different weapons in the game, but some are more effective than others. Among the best weapons:

Weapon Features Metal Laser It deals high damage and is a long-range weapon. Double-Edged Blade is a fast and efficient weapon, effective in close combat. Electro Shock Surge Deals a large amount of electrical damage spread in a surge. Nature Triad Deals intense poison damage.

These weapons can be chosen depending on the player’s play style and preferences. While the Metal Laser and Two-Edged Blade are effective in large areas or against single targets; Electro Shock Surge and Nature Trio can be more effective against enemies in groups.

Best Equipment

In Dead Cells, not only weapons are important, but also equipment. Among the best equipment:

  • Armor Set: Armor pieces that increase the player’s durability.
  • Baseball Cap: A headgear that increases the player’s speed.
  • Awesome Gloves: A glove that increases the player’s attack speed.
  • Teleportation Grenade: A grenade that quickly reaches its intended location.

The armor set is important for the player to gain more durability. A baseball cap makes it easier for you to move quickly and escape enemy attacks. Patchy gloves increase your attack speed, allowing you to defeat enemies faster. The teleportation grenade can be used in tactical movements to surprise enemies and leave targets in a difficult situation.

Tactics and Strategies

Acting strategically is as important as choosing the best weapons and equipment in the game. Here are some tactics and strategies:

  • Gradual Strengthening: The power of weapons increases gradually, so it is important not to ignore other weapons when improving one weapon.
  • Pay Attention to Numbers: Paying attention to the damage, speed and range of weapons helps you create harmonious combinations.
  • Area Exploration: Exploring secret rooms and different paths in each area allows you to find better equipment and loot.
  • Preparation for Boss Battles: Learning the abilities and weak points of enemies before entering boss battles makes it easier to create your strategy.

You can be more successful in Dead Cells by applying strategies such as gradual strengthening, paying attention to numbers, area exploration and preparing for boss battles.

Dead Cells offers a very enjoyable gaming experience when you act strategically with the best weapons and equipment. Choosing the best weapons and equipment, developing tactics and strategies is the key to success in the game. This guide aims to help players play the game more efficiently by providing more information about the best weapons and equipment in Dead Cells.

Dead Cells is an action role-playing game developed by Motion Twin. This roguelike game requires players to try to survive as a cell caught among fast-paced gluttons, deadly enemies, and complex environments. In this case, one of the most important factors is the effective use of weapons and equipment. In this article, we will focus on the best move and ability combinations in Dead Cells.

Speed ​​and Attack Focused Tactics

Dead Cells is a game where fast and fluid movements are important. Therefore, using speed and attack-oriented tactics can help you succeed in the game. Here are the best weapon and equipment combinations for these tactics:

Weapon Equipment Tactical Assassin’s Dagger Bear Trap An ideal combination to launch a dominant attack and quickly destroy enemies. Bear Trap will incapacitate enemies for a while, while Assassin’s Dagger is perfect for quick, lethal blows. Hayabusa Gauntlet Wings of the Crow This combination provides high mobility. The Hayabusa Gauntlet can be used to quickly attack enemies, while Wings of the Crow can be used to evade enemies or move through difficult areas. Quick Bow Ice Bow This combination is perfect for constantly attacking your enemies. Quick Bow allows you to fire quick and consecutive arrows, while Ice Bow freezes enemies, cripples them and allows you to deal more damage.

Defensive Tactics

In addition to being aggressive, providing strategies are also very important in Dead Cells. Here are the best weapon and equipment combinations for defensive-oriented tactics:

Weapon Equipment Tactical Cudgel Powerful Grenade This combination allows you to protect yourself while attacking enemies. Cudgel is used to deliver powerful blows and push enemies, while Powerful Grenade can incapacitate enemies around you. Frontline Shield Flamethrower Turret This combination has the perfect balance to block enemies’ attacks and perform fiery attacks at the same time. Frontline Shield buys you time by blocking enemy attacks, while Flamethrower Turret can burn enemies by spraying continuous fire. Rampart Ice Armor This combination aims to both defend and slow down enemies. Rampart can be used as a powerful shield, while Ice Armor can damage and slow enemies.

Dead Cells gives you the freedom to discover the combination of weapons and equipment that best suits your own playstyle. Each combination offers a different experience in the game and gives you advantages. While you travel the game world in a fun way, you can improve yourself by trying these tactics and overcome the difficult challenges in Dead Cells.

Dead Cells is an independent platform-role-playing game developed by Motion Twin. Choosing the right weapons and equipment is vital when fighting for survival in the game. In this article, we will give detailed information about the best defensive equipment in Dead Cells and talk about the advantages they provide.

1. Shields

Shields are one of the most essential defensive equipment in Dead Cells. They can block enemy attacks, giving you an additional layer of defense. When choosing a shield, it is important to consider factors such as block power, attack speed, and attack range. For example, “Bloodthirsty Shield” deals more damage, while “Rampart” is an option with higher block power. It is also possible to collect blueprints in the game to improve and strengthen the shield.

2. Armor

In Dead Cells, armor is another important defense mechanism that protects your character from enemy attacks. When choosing armor, it is important to consider the strength, attack speed reduction, and amount of additional health. One advantage of armor is its ability to regenerate health after being attacked. Therefore, it is important to choose armor in situations where you may encounter intense combat. There are different types of armor in the game, for example “Heavy Crossbowman’s Gears” offers higher strength and bad health recovery, while “Ice Shield” offers low strength and block power.

3. Traps

Traps are another defense mechanism used to neutralize or damage enemies. There are many types of traps in the game and it is up to you which traps you will use. Some traps can slow or poison enemies, while others can block enemy shots. It is important to explore the traps’ abilities and be able to use them according to your own playstyle. For example, “Sinew Slicer” can slow down enemies while also blocking attacks from a sharp blade.

4. Spells

Spells are magic items used in the game. Spells can deal massive damage to enemies or restore your health and energy. Each spell has its own unique effect and energy cost. Learning how to use spells and using them at the right moments allows you to be successful in the game. For example, the “Double Crossb-o-Matic” spell automatically attacks and damages enemies.

5. Additional Accessories

In Dead Cells, additional accessories are items that improve your character and increase its features. Additional accessories can provide different benefits, such as dealing more damage, moving faster, or granting more health. These allow you to customize the game as your playstyle requires. Among the additional accessories, “Heart of Ice” allows you to gain more energy, while “Amulet of the Deep” provides health for more air cycles.

Equipment Type Attributes Shield Block power, attack speed, attack range Armor Strength, attack speed reduction, additional health amount Trap Damage, slow, poison, block Spell Damage, health and energy regeneration, energy cost Additional Accessory Damage increase, speed increase, additional health

Choosing and using the right equipment is very important to survive in Dead Cells. Shields, armor, traps, spells and additional accessories improve your character, making it more resistant to enemy attacks. Each type of equipment has its own advantages, and it’s important to choose ones that suit your playing style.

Remember, to survive in Dead Cells you must constantly improve and experiment with your tactics. Discovering new equipment and using them gives you an advantage in later levels of the game. Good luck!

Dead Cells is a roguelike platform-action game developed and published by Motion Twin. In the game, we are an immortal cell and quickly enter the Prisoner’s Quarters, a dangerous island waiting to be explored. As the game progresses, we discover different areas and challenges. Dead Cells, which has an extremely dynamic structure, requires you to adopt the best weapons and equipment strategies. In this article, we will discover the secret to overcoming challenges by focusing on these strategies.

Choosing Powerful Weapons

The key to success in Dead Cells is to use effective and powerful weapons. You can find and use different weapons throughout the game. Some weapons allow you to attack faster, while others can deliver stronger blows. It is very important to choose weapons that suit your playing style and preferences.

  • For example, if you are a melee character, it would make sense to choose weapons such as a sword or axe.
  • If you want to make longer-distance attacks, you can use weapons such as bows or guns.
  • There are also magical weapons in the game. Magic weapons are a great option to neutralize your opponents from afar.

You may need to do some trial and error to find the best gun. Each weapon has unique abilities and advantages. As you progress through the game, you can try different weapons to find the one that best suits your play style.

Using Powerful Equipment

Equipment is as important as weapons in Dead Cells. Equipment is items that increase your character’s abilities and provide advantages. Equipment can include traps, protective shields, bombs and healing items. By using the right equipment, you will be able to overcome difficulties more easily.

You can buy new equipment or strengthen your existing equipment using the cells you collect during the game. When reinforcing, you should consider the advantages your equipment provides you. For example, you can choose healing items that give more health or more effective and deadly traps.

Developing the Skill Tree

The cells you collect throughout the game are used to improve your skill tree. The skill tree offers you different features and rewards and strengthens your character. The skills you develop help you progress faster and become stronger in the game.

How you develop your skill tree is entirely up to you. First, you should determine which abilities will give you the most advantage, taking into account the difficulties in the game and your own play style. For example, if you want to have more attack power, you can improve your attack abilities. If you want a better chance of survival, you can focus on health and protection abilities.

The Key to Strategic Success

The best weapons and equipment give you great advantages in Dead Cells, but the key to success is not just based on them. Taking a strategic approach is the secret to overcoming challenges. It is very important to analyze enemies and learn their attack and defense patterns. You must be careful to determine which weapons and equipment are more effective against different enemies.

It is also vital to make the right move at the right time. While some enemies are attacking, you can use strategies such as defending or running away. You can neutralize enemies and take less damage by making measured attacks.

Situation Strategy Melee Attack/Combat Abilities Ranged Combat Shooting/Stealth Abilities Boss Battles Movement Abilities/Balance of Attack and Defense

Dead Cells is a game that requires choosing the best weapons and equipment, developing the skill tree, and taking a strategic approach. You must choose weapons and equipment that suit your own playing style and preferences, strengthen your character with a skill tree, and analyze the attack and defense patterns of enemies. Only in this way can you discover the secret of overcoming difficulties and successfully complete your mission on the island.

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